Logic Lectures

Time and Venue

Autumn Term 2011:

Every other Wednesday, 5pm–7pm,
26th Oct (4S.6.28), 9th Nov (LTB B), 23rd Nov, 7th Dec

Spring Term 2012:

Normally every other week, Wedensday, 5pm–7pm,
25th Jan, 1st Feb (LTB B), 29th Feb (TC 2.6), proposed: 21st Mar (TBC)

Summer Term 2012:

  • To be confirmed — may postpone till Autumn Term

Schedule of Topics

Autumn Term 2011

1. Chris Fox:
— “Introduction” —
History, Propositional Logic, Judgements, Truth tables, Three valued logic
Introductory slides
[Week 4, Wednesday, 26th October, 5pm–7pm, room 4S.6.28]
2. Chris Fox:
— “Quantifiers” —
Predicate Logic, Quantifiers, Paradoxes, Second Order Logic, Types, Higher Order Logic
Slides on quantifiers and types
[Week 6, Wednesday, 9th November, 5pm–7pm, room LTB B]
3. Chris Fox:
— “Tarski Models” —
Tarski Models for Predicate Logic
[Week 8, Wednesday, 23rd November, 5pm–7pm, room LTB B]
4. Ray Turner
— “Soundness and Completeness” —
Proof of Soundess and Completeness
[Week 10, Wednesday, 7th December, 5pm–7pm, room LTB B]

Spring Term 2012


5. Ray Turner
— “Soundness and Completeness revisited” —
Proof of Soundess and Completeness
[Week 17, Wednesday, 25th January, 5pm–7pm, room LTB B]
6. Ray Turner
— “Computability” —
Defining computability, and Gödel's Theorems
[Week 19, Wednesday, 1st February 2012, 5pm–7pm, room LTB B]
7. Ray Turner
— “Arithmetic I” —
Axiomatising Arithmetic
[Week 22, Wednesday, 29th February 2012, 5pm–7pm, room: Teaching Centre 2.6]
8. Ray Turner
— “Arithmetic II” —
Axiomatising Arithmetic continued
[Week 25, Wednesday, 21st March 2012 (TBC), room TBC]

Summer/Autumn Term 2012

(Provisional — subject to change)

9. Ray Turner
— “Gödel's Theorems” (TBC) —
[Details to be confirmed]
10. Chris Fox
— “Modal Logic” —
[Details to be confirmed]
11. Chris Fox
— “Deontic Logic” —
[Details to be confirmed]

Author: Chris Fox and Ray Turner, University of Essex <foxcj _AT_ essex.ac.uk>

Date: 2012-03-19 13:46:12 GMT

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