CSEE Logic Seminar Series

Academic Year 2012–2013

The Great Theorems of Mathematical Logic

Prof Raymond Turner

This is a series of talks to be presented on alternate weeks.

Autumn Term 2012

11. “First Order Logic”
— The logic; models, truth, validity; soundness —
[Week 7, Wednesday, 14th November, 4pm–6pm. Room 5A.325.]
12. “The Completeness of First Order Logic”
— Completeness (existential witnesses, Lindenbaum Lemma, the model); first order theories; Skolem Paradox —
[Week 9, Wednesday, 28th November, 4pm–6pm. Room 5A.325.]

Spring Term 2013

Please contact Chris Fox if you wish to give a logic-related presentation in any of the spare sessions (Weeks 22 and 24).

13. “Lindström's Theorem”
— Abstract logic; the theorem; proof; references —
[Week 17, Wednesday, 23rd January, 5pm–7pm. Room 5A.330.]
14. “Gödel's Theorems”
— Gödel numbering; expressibility; fixed point theorem; the first incompleteness theorem; the second incompleteness theorem —
[Week 20, Wednesday, 13th February, 5pm–7pm. Room 5A.330.]
16. TBC
— available —
[Week 23, Wednesday, 6th March, 5pm–7pm. Room 5A.330.]
17. “On Computable Numbers”
— With an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem —
[Week 24, Wednesday, 13th March, 5pm–7pm. Room 5A.330.]
18. “Arithmetic” (TBC)
— Axiomatic method; Robinson artithmetic (Q); models; definitions —
[Week 25, Wednesday, 20th March, 5pm–7pm. Room 5A.330.] This talk may be postponed to the Summer Term

Summer Term 2013

19. “Tennenbaum's theorem” (TBC)
— Definitions; the theorem; computational structuralism —
[Time and place to be confirmed.]
20. TBC
— available —
[Time and place to be confirmed.]
21. “Set Theory” (TBC)
— Origins of set theory; the continuum hypothesis; axiomatic set theory; the axiom of choice —
[Time and place to be confirmed.]
22. TBC
— available —
[Time and place to be confirmed.]
23. “Independence of the Continuum Hyphothesis” (TBC)
— Independence proofs; inner models; Boolean valued models; large cardinals; descriptive set theory —
[Time and place to be confirmed.]
24. TBC
— available —
[Time and place to be confirmed.]
25. “Consistency of Arithmetic” (TBC)
— Reductive proof theory; constructive ordinals; normal forms —
[Time and place to be confirmed.]

Other tentatively proposed talks (to be confirmed)

26. David McNeill:
— “Aristotelian Logic” (TBC) —
[Time and place to be confirmed.]
27. Ray Turner:
— “The Ontologies of Mathematics” —
Slides for a talk can be found here.
[Time and place to be confirmed.]
28. Chris Fox:
— “Theories of Questions” —
[Time and place to be confirmed.]
29. TBC:
— “Vagueness and Fuzzy Logic” —
[Time and place to be confirmed.]
Other Talks
Please contact Chris Fox if you wish to propose a topic for this series.

Academic Year 2011–2012

Autumn Term 2011 and Spring Term 2012

For the Autumn and Spring term of the 2011–12 academic year, the organisers of the Logic Seminar Series ran a series of logic lectures in conjunction with the Philosophy Society.

Summer Term 2012

10. Simon Lucas:
— “Towards a Video Game Description Language” —
[Week 34, Wednesday, 23rd May, 2pm–3pm, room 1N1.4.1]
This will be a very informal seminar outlining the need for a Video Game Description Language, and some very initial progress. My interest in this is three-fold: to support General Video Game Playing as a line of machine learning research, to enable the automated evolution of new games, and to enable more efficient human-led design of new games.

Academic Year 2010–2011

Spring Term 2011

1. Ray Turner:
— “Typed Predicate Logic” —
A basic introduction and a talk can be found here.
[Week 19, Thursday, 10th February, 5pm–6pm, room 1N1.4.1]
2. Nicolas Troquard:
— “Interpreted Dynamic Logic and Application to Normative Systems” —
Slides from the talk.
[Week 20, Thursday, 17th February, 5pm–6pm, room 1N1.4.1]
3. Nicola Angius:
— “Model Checking and Scientific Methodology. Models, Regularities, Idealizations” —
[Week 21, Thursday, 24th February, 5pm–6pm, room 1N1.4.1]
4. Chris Fox:
— “Imperatives, Obligations and Permissions” —
This talk will focus on an analysis of imperatives. Slides and a draft paper are available.
[Week 22, Thursday, 3rd March, 5pm–6pm, room 1N1.4.1]
5. Sam Steel:
— “Getting Ghosts into Machines: Metaphysics Through Folk Neurology (part 1)” —
[Week 24, Thursday, 17th March, 5pm–6pm, room 1N1.4.1]

Easter Vacation 2011

6. Sam Steel:
— “Getting Ghosts into Machines: Metaphysics Through Folk Neurology (part 2)” —
[Week 26, Thursday 31st March. 4pm–5pm. room 4.722]

Summer Term 2011

7. Chris Fox:
— “A Semantic Method” —
Draft slides
[Week 31, Wednesday, 4th May, 4pm–5pm, room 1N1.4.1]
8. Norbert Völker:
— “Polymorphic Extensions to Higher Order Logic” —
Slides on HOL2P
[Week 33, Wednesday, 18th May, 4pm–5pm, room 1N1.4.1]
9. Bill Duncan (University at Buffalo, SUNY):
— “Basic Formal Ontology” —
[Week 34, Wednesday, 25th May, 4pm–5pm, room 1N1.4.1]

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