Daniel Karapetyan, PhD

Daniel Karapetyan

Lecturer at the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, University of Essex.

My research interests and activities lie at the interface of Artificial Intelligence, Decision Making and Data Science. I work on intelligent discrete optimisation methods and apply my expertise to high-impact industrial projects related to public transportation, logistics, scheduling and some others.

Research Interests

  • Operational research
  • Data science; machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Automated design of heuristic algorithms
  • Meta-heuristics; adaptive methods
  • Mathematical programming
  • Multi-objective optimisation; fairness; interpretability; robustness
  • Parameter tuning for machine learning and optimisation algorithms

Areas of Application

  • Ferry scheduling and fleet size optimisation
  • Airport ground operations
  • TV ad scheduling
  • Satellite mission planning
  • Electric vehicles range prediction
  • Agriculture technologies
  • Reviewers assignment
  • Access control (information security)
  • Routing problems

Academic Biography

2018–present Lecturer at the University of Essex, School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering.

2015–2018 Transitional Research Fellow at the University of Essex, Institute for Analytics and Data Science.

2013–2015 Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Nottingham, School of Computer Science. Computational Optimisation and Learning Lab (former ASAP Research Group).

2011–2013 Postdoctoral Fellow at the Simon Fraser University, Department of Mathematics. Computational Optimisation Group.

2007–2010 PhD at Royal Holloway, University of London, Department of Computer Science. Supervisor: Gregory Gutin, examiners: Natalio Krasnogor and Tomasz Radzik. You can download my PhD thesis from arXiv.

2001–2007 BSc and MSc (6 years course) at Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Faculty of Computer Science. Department of High-Performance Computer Systems and Technologies.