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GDCuffs interview: Richard Bartle

Most of you know him by his famous categorization of psycho-types of players. A British writer, professor and game explorer, known as the creator of MUD and author of Designing Virtual Worlds, the pioneer of MMORPG – Richard Bartle visiting GDCuffs.

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Taught Courses

BSc Computer Games

This is a degree in world-making. You craft stories, characters and plot in order to build imaginary worlds that a player can journey through. Our work is driven by creativity and imagination as well as technical excellence; at Essex you master both game design and computer programming, giving you total control over the worlds you want to create.

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MSc Computer Games

At Essex we specialise in virtual worlds, machine learning, artificial intelligence and high-level games design and development. On our course, you develop both theoretical and practical knowledge of computer games. Our flexible approach allows you to fill gaps in your knowledge and brush up on a variety of languages, making sure you’re ready to bring your designs to life.


Research Areas

Game AI

General Video Game AI

Creation of AI that plays multiple different games without domain specific knowledge

Deep Learning

Machine learning with cascade of multiple layers for feature extraction and transformation

Genetic Algorithms

Nature inspired algorithm that continually improves solutions over time

Reinforcement Learning and Adaptive Dynamic Programming

Psychology inspired algorithm that uses rewards and punishments to entice AI to achieve a task

Monte-Carlo Tree Search

Assymetric tree search with random rollouts for state evaluation

Game Design

Game Tuning

The use of AI to tune game parameters that are well balanced

Story Generation

The generation of coherent and interesting stories by AI

AI Assisted Game Design

The use of AI to design games that are interesting and fun to play


Professor Richard Bartle

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Dr Luca Citi

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Professor Edward Codling

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Dr Michael Fairbank

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Andrei Iacob

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Professor Udo Kruschwitz

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Emily Marriott

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Mihail Morosan

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Dr Dimitri Ognibene

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Dr Spyros Samothrakis

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Stefan Stoican

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Joseph Walton-Rivers

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Piers Williams

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What we do


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