Querying musical scores with English noun phrases

Welcome to the C@merata project, an annual evaluation at MediaEval!

There are 200 questions each year which a participant's system has to answer automatically. A question is a short string "F4 crotchet in the oboe" and it comes with a classical music score in MusicXML "bach_brand_conc_no2_bwv1047_andante.xml". The required answer to this question is a set of one or more passages like this:

[ 3/4, 2, 5:1-5:2 ]
[ 3/4, 2, 29:1-29:2 ]
[ 3/4, 2, 64:3-64:4 ]
[ 3/4, 2, 7:5-7:6 ]

These specify exact places in the score where the oboe is playing a note of a particular pitch (F4) and length (crotchet). Evaluation of participant runs is by forms of Precision, Recall and F-Measure which we have devised for the purpose.

The 2017 task has finished, the workshop has taken place in Dublin and the complete MediaEval proceedings will appear online shortly.

All the papers for previous years, explaining the task in detail, are available at the C@merata14, C@merata15 and C@merata16 links on the left.

Any queries, contact us. You can email r s u t c l (at) essex (dot) ac (dot) uk.