Carmine Ventre


Ciao, welcome to my homepage! Since December 2016, I am a Reader (Associate Professor) at School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering of the University of Essex and the director of Centre for Computational Finance and Economic Agents. More information on our centre can be found here. My institutional webpage can be found here.

Previously, I have worked at the School of Computing of Teesside University as a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer first and a Reader then. Before that, I was at the Computer Science Department of the University of Liverpool as a PostDoctoral research fellow within the EcCo group in connection with an EPSRC-funded project “Efficient Decentralised Approaches in Algorithmic Game Theory.” I moved to Liverpool in December 2007 from Salerno (Italy) to join the CTAG research group and work on a DFG-funded project “Algorithmic Tools for Games with Applications to E-Commerce and Networks” within Emmy Noether Program first and later on an EPSRC-funded project “Algorithmic Mechanism Design and Optimization Problems with Economic Applications.” Back in Italy, I was awarded PhD and Laurea degree (MSc equivalent) in Computer Science and was involved in several EU-funded projects.

Research Grants:

  • KTP Grant KTP010991 “To investigate the use of algorithms (generic and reinforcement) for the identification of optimal asset trading strategies” in collaboration with DataSpartan (PI)
  • “An evaluation of the school admission experience: Minimizing contact and appeals as a cost reduction measure”. Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (co-I)
  • EPSRC grant EP/M018113/1 “Incentives without monetary transfers” (PI)

Program Committees: EC 2019IJCAI 2019, AAMAS 2019AAAI 2019EC 2018IJCAI-ECAI 2018, AAMAS 2018AAAI 2018ICTCS 2017IJCAI 2017AAMAS 2017, AAAI-17, ICAART 2017, IJCAI-16, AAAI-16, WINE 2015, AAMAS15, ACM EC14, ACM EC12, WAOA 2011, SAGT 2009, SOFSEM 2009 (Special Track on Game Theoretic Aspects of E-Commerce).

Organization Committees: AGT@IJCAI17AGT@IJCAI16, AGT@IJCAI15, DYNAMO 2007, AESS 2007.

Research interests

  • Algorithmic Game Theory, Micro Economics and the Internet
  • Algorithms and Complexity
  • Cryptography and Security
  • (Machine Learning for) Algorithmic Trading and Finance

PhD students and Postdocs

  • Qi Ji (PhD, 2018 – today)
  • Xiaomeng Zhang (PhD, 2017 – today)
  • Paolo Serafino (PhD, 2013–2016)
  • Angelina Vidali (Postdoc, 2015–2016)

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