Virtual world platforms

If you are interested in virtual worlds here is a list with some projects for you to try and experience immersive environments!


virtual gallery weekend
Project: The Virtual Gallery Weekend Berlin
Technology: Based on Real Xtend
Virtual world:

The Virtual Gallery Weekend Berlin Beta is a 3D online application for visitors of the Gallery Weekend 2012. The virtual gallery space is accessible for visitors from all over the world to exchange ideas and information about art.

The Virtual Gallery Weekend Berlin beta does not aim merely to be a visualization of an art event, but to facilitate a shared experience, to explore possible artistic interactions in a virtual 3D environment, and to exchange ideas and information about art. We are also explore to see how the physical and virtual worlds of the Gallery Weekend crossover and develop throughout the event.


spaces Project: +Spaces
Technology: Based on Open Wonderland
Virtual world:

+Spaces (dubbed Positive Spaces) is an EC-funded research project aiming at real-world-policy – making in popular online communities. The project uses existing social media spaces like Facebook and Twitter alongside virtual worlds like Open Wonderland as the societal sandbox for modelling real world behaviour. One of the project’s principal drivers is to engage citizens from different online communities by utilizing these virtual spaces for assisting policy makers in reaching out and gaining insight from the citizens about their opinions and potential acceptance of new policies.

The aim is to provide tools that will allow the exploitation of virtual spaces for assessing public reaction, and build a service oriented platform that will support these tools by exploiting virtual worlds as knowledge containers, and by allowing added value services to be incorporated. A principal goal of +Spaces is to support policy makers in their decision making process enabling them to policies by virtual spaces users and measure public-in world reaction.


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