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Monday 28 November 2011 Location

Session Chair: Carlos Delgado Kloos (U. Carlos III de Madrid, Spain)

Padre Soler Building
9:00-9:20 Carlos Delgado Kloos (U. Carlos III de Madrid, Spain), Michael Gardner (U. Essex, UK): Opening of Summit and Presentation of the European Chapter of the Immersive Education Initiative
9:20-10:00 Keynote: Aaron Walsh, Boston College (Boston, MA, USA): Inside Immersive Education and the Immersive Education Initiative
10:00-10:30 Rabindra Ratan (Michigan State U, USA), Béatrice Hasler (Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Israel): Designing our avatars and ourselves: How psychological connections to avatars may influence education-related outcomes of use
10:30-11:00 María Blanca Ibáñez, Diego Morillo (U. Carlos III de Madrid, Spain), Patricia Santos, David Pérez Calle (U. Pompeu Fabra, Spain), Jose Jesús García Rueda  (U. Carlos III de Madrid, Spain), Davinia Hernández Leo (U. Pompeu Fabra, Spain), Carlos Delgado Kloos  (U. Carlos III de Madrid, Spain): Computer Assisted Assessment within 3D Virtual Worlds
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break at exhibition area

Session Chair: Aaron Walsh (Boston College, Boston, MA, USA)

11:30-12:00 Pasi Mattila, Tanja Ryymin, Leena Arhippainen (U. Oulu, Finland): Learn by playing with your information in a virtual 3D learning environment
12:00-12:30 Carlos-Miguel Lorenzo, Sergio Padrino, Miguel Ángel Sicilia, Salvador Sánchez (U. Alcalá, Spain): How can MMOL platforms improve teacher skills in cultural diversity, values education and attention to diversity
12:30-13:00 Demos and Posters (5 min presentations, group 1)
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break & Demos and Posters (Group 1 and 2 on display in exhibition area next to cafeteria)
  Session Chair: Béatrice Hasler (Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Israel)
14:00-14:30 Keynote: Richard Gilbert, Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles, CA, USA): The Psychology of Immersive Environments
14:30-15:00 Christian Gütl (Curtin University/Graz University of Technology, Austria), Vanessa Chang (Curtin University, Austria), Mirza Hadzic (Graz University of Technology, Austria): Distributed Software Team Training and Working using 3D Virtual Worlds
15:00-15:30 Coffee Break at exhibition area

Session Chair: Daniel Livingstone (U. West of Scotland, UK)

Pilar Sancho, Javier Torrente, Baltasar Fernández-Manjón (U. Complutense of Madrid, Spain): Fighting Drop-out Rates in Engineering Education: Empirical Research regarding the Impact of MUVEs on Students’ Motivation

Library, basement
16:00-17:00 Nicole Yankelovich (Open Wonderland Foundation, Boston, MA, USA), panel moderator: Open Wonderland In-World Panel

Remote from Boston in the US, Nicole Yankelovich will take the audience on a virtual tour of an Open Wonderland world. She has invited members of the open source community to gather in-world to talk briefly about their projects. Many will also demonstrate features they have created or show off worlds they have built.

17:00-18:30 Spanish speaking panel session (organized by TELSpain and eMadrid): Carlos Delgado Kloos (U. Carlos III de Madrid, Spain), moderator, Mª Blanca Ibáñez (U. Carlos III de Madrid, Spain) [slides], Miguel Lizondo (Deimos Space, Spain), Carlos Miguel Lorenzo (U. Alcalá, Spain) [slides], David Moreno (VirtualWare, Spain) [slides], Pilar Sancho (U. Complutense de Madrid, Spain) [slides]: El futuro de los mundos 3D en educación.
20:00-22:00 Gala Dinner (Café de Chinitas)

    Padre Soler building      Library, basement      Library, top floor

Tuesday 29 November 2011 Location
  Session Chair: Christian Gütl (Curtin University/Graz University of Technology, Austria) Library, basement
9:00-9:15 Opening
9:15-10:00 Keynote: Pasi Mattila, Center for Internet Excellence (U. Oulu, Finland): A new generation of Virtual Worlds pedagogy and technology – RealXtend Tundra
10:00-10:30 Michael Gardner, Bernard Horan (U. Essex, UK): Using virtual worlds for online role-play
10:30-11:00 James Werle (Director, Internet 2 K20 Initiative, US). Unleashing the Power of Immersive Education Across a Global Fabric of Advanced R&E Networks
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break at exhibition area (Padre Soler Building)
  Session Chair: François Garnier (EnsadLab/ENER, France) Session Chair: Jose Jesús García Rueda (U. Carlos III de Madrid, Spain)

Left column: Library, basement


Right column: Library, top floor



11:30-12:00 Daniel Livingstone (U. West of Scotland, UK), Anna Peachey (Eygus Ltd./The Open University, UK), Michael Callaghan (U. Ulster, UK), Maria Toro-Troconis (Imperial College London, UK), Ashish Hemani  (Imperial College London, UK), Kerri Mccusker  (U. Ulster, UK): Further explorations on supporting learning in Virtual Worlds with Web-Based Learning Environments Marta Turcsanyi-Szabo, Peter Simon, Andor Abonyi-Toth, Nikoletta Ekker (Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary): Step-wise immersion bridging two universities
12:00-12:30 Jorge Martín-Gutiérrez (U. La Laguna, Spain): Learning enhancement in Higher Education. Validation of an Educational App Based on Augmented Reality Technology Eleni Chatzidaki, Nektarios Kostaras, Michalis Xenos (Hellenic Open University, Greece): Assessment of an educational online virtual game enviroment: the case of SimSafety
12:30-13:00 Demos and Posters (5 min presentations, group 2) (Library, basement)
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break & Demos and Posters (Group 1 and 2 on display in exhibition area next to cafeteria) (Padre Soler building)
14:00-14:30 Session Chair: Michael Gardner (U. Essex, UK)
Session location: Library, basement
Session Chair: María Blanca Ibáñez (U. Carlos III de Madrid, Spain)

Left column: Library, basement


Right column: Library, top floor



Keynote: Warren Sheaffer, Saint Paul College (Saint Paul, MN, USA): Implementing Mixed Immersive Reality Teaching and Learning in Environments: Lessons Learned
14:30-15:00 Kevin Burden (U. Hull, UK), David Burden (Daden Ltd, UK), Christopher Bonfield  (U. Hull, UK): Exploring How a User-Friendly Authoring Tool (OPAL) can be used by Teachers and Students in Schools to Create User-Generated Contexts for Learning in a Virtual World Setting Francisco López-Hernández (U. Carlos III de Madrid, Spain): The UC3M Campus in Second Life: Experiences and Opportunities
15:00-15:30 François Garnier, Nicolas Sordello, Raphaël Isdant (EnsadLab/ENER, France): Artistic collaborative creation and social education in virtual world.  Kai Erenli (U. Vienna, Austria): Team Building in Virtual Environments
15:30-15:45 Closing Library, basement
15:45-17:45 Nicole Yankelovich (Open Wonderland Foundation, Boston, MA, USA) (remote), David Maroto, Diego Morillo (U Carlos III Madrid, Spain): Hands-On Workshop: Learn to Build an Open Wonderland World

In this two-hour hands-on world building session, we will start by reviewing a range of Open Wonderland features. For the bulk of the session, we will focus on building a virtual space from scratch. By the end of the session, attendees will be able to add content to the world including graphics, video, slide shows, 3D models, and shared application, arrange that content, and add "capabilities" such as audio, tooltips, clickable links, security, and a variety of others.

For this workshop you are encouraged to bring your own laptop. Windows, Mac, or Linux are all fine, but please check the minimum system requirements in the Open Wonderland FAQ to be sure your laptop will work ( This workshop is open to everybody, also for not registered at the Summit, but there is a limit of 15 participants.

If you want to attend this session, please send an e-mail to any of these addresses: or

    Padre Soler building      Library, basement      Library, top floor

Demos and Posters
Group 1
Derek Smith (Chief Designer, Project Konrad, UK): A Method for Microanalysing the Acquisition of Knowledge during Virtual Experience (DEMO) [feedback]
Jonathan Himoff (Rezzable Productions, UK): Quest History Demo (DEMO) [feedback]
Esko Lius (Digital Communications Manager, FInland): Feel it! Do it! Share it! Findings on experiential and collaborative learning in a virtual world (DEMO) [feedback]
Sanna Brauer (U. Oulu, Finland): 3D Trends - Transferring Pedagogical User Experiences in Virtual Environments (DEMO) [feedback]
Jon Arambarri, David Moreno (VirtualWare, Spain): How to involve Serious Games in traditional learning processes (DEMO) [feedback]
Group 2
Jonathan Himoff (Rezzable Productions, UK): ST.ART Project Immersive Art Course Demo (DEMO) [feedback]
Rose Heaney (U. East London. UK): Using and managing Second Life Virtual Patients (DEMO) [feedback]
Consuelo Fernández Jiménez, Teresa Martín Blas, Ana Serrano Fernández, Federico Prieto Muñoz, Ricardo Burgos Cid (U. Carlos III de Madrid, Spain): Virtual 3D Environment for an Internet-Accessible Physics Lab (POSTER) [feedback]
María del Carmen Gertrudis, María del Carmen Gálvez, Manuel Gértrudix, Eugenio García (U. Rey Juan Carlos, Spain): Immersive Communication and Education (POSTER) [feedback]

How to get there

The summit will take place at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Leganes Campus. The recommended way to get to the summit is by train, C5 line, from Atocha to Leganés Station, heading Humanes as ending station:
Train route to iED Summit
In the map below there are located the important places: the summit, airport, railway, hotels and social event location.

See iED Summit Madrid 2011 Map in a bigger map.


Hotel Single Room
Price (€)
Double Room
Price (€)
Tryp Leganés 50.67€ 59.67€
Tryp Atocha 74.50€ 105.25€
NH Sur 106.99€ 137.99€
NH Nacional 116.60€ 139.00€
AC Carlton * 106.92€ 122.04€
AC Atocha 126.36€ 135.43€
Agumar Hotel 95.00€ 110.00€

* Recommended Hotel
You can see the location of the hotels on the map above.


To book hotels at the indicated price in the table, please contact "Viajes El Corte Ingles" on the following email address:

You should provide the following data for booking properly:

  • The name of the conference as a reference (1st European Immersive Education Summit)
  • The dates and hotel you want to book.
  • A credit card (only to assure the booking, the payment is done at the hotel)

In case you want invoice, you should ask at the hotel in person.

Residence Hall

Besides recommended hotels, there are limited rooms available for the attendees at the student residence hall "Fernando Abril Martorell", in Leganés. These are the available rooms:

  • 1 apartment (2 bed spaces of 1.35 cm). Price: 64.40 euros per person per night.
  • 1 double room. Price: 30 euros per person per night.
  • 3 singles. Price: 43 euros per night per person.

All of them with breakfast included.
In this case, for booking you must contact Pilar Blasco Jorge on the next e-mail:


These are the registration fees:

  normal students
until 31 oct 2011 300€ 150€
until 27 nov 2011 350€ 200€
on site 400€ 250€


Social Event

The social event will take place on September 28th, 8 p.m., at the Café de Chinitas, a Flamenco Tablao Restaurant in the city centre located in an old and beautiful palace of the seventeenth century, the number 7 Torija Street (near Metro Station Santo Domingo, line 2), almost opposite the building of the Senate. Designed by the great painter Manuel Mampaso, the renowned designer and architect Pinto Cohelo Luis Carruncho, the location is a perfect ligthting that is reflected in the facade of the building. A select and superb cuisine and efficient service.

Photos from Madrid

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